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GolfCamHD Video Capture System

Advanced Technology For Video Swing Analysis

GolfCamHD Video Capture App for Android Hands-Free Video Capture and Device Management Dual Camera Capability Analysis Player with Drawing Tools Dual Pane Analysis Viewer for Comparison Viewing Slow-Motion and Frame-By-Frame Replay Split Screen Analysis Viewer for Dual Camera Video Media Player with Audio Track Satellite Range Map
  • Seamless, Hands-Free Video Capture

    With GolfCamHD Voice Control you can control most every function on the video capture screen with your voice, including club selection, timer length, camera start, and video playback. And you can use Voice Control with only the mic on the device, or a Bluetooth headset. The choice is yours.

  • Dual Camera Capability

    One of the most amazing features of GolfCamHD is the capability to control two video capture devices at once, enabling a golfer to record video from two separate angles and review the two videos instantly on a single device. With GolfCamHD you now have the kind of power that once cost thousands of dollars for the small price of an app! And it's entirely portable.

  • Motion Analysis

    GolfCamHD has a full set of motion analysis features, including variable playback speed and on screen line draw with angle display. Slow motion video is a critical tool that all golfers expect from a video capture system. GolfCamHD does everything you would expect: Slow Motion, Fast Motion and Frame-by-Frame. We also include a built in media player to capture your sound track as you work or receive instruction.

    Our line draw tools are basic, but powerful, with automatic angle calculation and display. It's everything you need, and nothing you don't.

  • Range Map

    Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. You know, like knowing the correct distance to the target you're working to when you're on the range? Sometimes a laser just can't pick up a return, so you're left guessing. That's why we included a satellite map-based range mapping tool in GolfCamHD.

    With the Range Map you can actually save your targets so the next time you come out all you have to do is refresh the map to get current distances, no matter where they set up the practice tees. Plus, you can save as many maps as you like and, yes, it'll work on the course, too...

Have It Your Way, No Strings Attached...

We aren't looking to lock you or your video up in a private cloud or social media eco-system.

GolfCamHD is always ad free and comes with no subscriptions and no annual fees.

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There are some really good video capture tools available out there for golfers. You may already have one or more of them. Why use GolfCamHD? Simple. GolfCamHD is way more capable and is designed to support you while you work. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. We provide the highest level of function and ease of use at the lowest possible price.

Features GolfCamHD Feedback Golf Hudl Technique V1 Sports Coach's Eye
Voice Control
Dual Camera Capture
Dual Camera Split-Screen Replay
Analysis Viewer
Dual Pane Comparison Replay
Full Motion Viewer with Sound
Auto Replay of Last Swing
On-Screen Alignment Grid
Satellite Range Map
Additional Hardware Required for Full Function
Fully Functional MSRP for Premium Features $2499*
$8999 Free For
$499 $1499
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   *10 use-day free trial. When the trial period ends you can upgrade with in-app purchase, or keep the base version for as long as you want, ad-free.

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Professional golfers and advanced amateurs consistently use video to improve their games.

So, no more excuses. Exercise your commitment to build a better golf game.

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