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The Best Device Mounts In Golf

  • M100

    The M100 is the PerfectView built for the golfer with multiple devices. The space-age carbon fiber monopod minimizes weight considerably and comes with an iStabilizer smartMount for phones AND an iStabilizer tabMount for larger devices.

    MSRP $16995

  • M150

    The M150 is the the advanced PerfectView for the demanding golfer that wants maximum versatility. The M150 monopod telescopes to provide an additional 15 inches of height adjustment. The M150 is all carbon fiber and is our lightest mount. Like the M100, it includes multiple device mounts to accommodate any phone or full-size tablet device.

    MSRP $21995

  • RangeView Flex

    The RangeView Flex. The only Flexible, Folding, Collapsible Device Mount Stand for golfers. We developed it as a companion mount to the PerfectView monopods to capture Dual Camera video with GolfCamHD. But it works awesome as your main device mount, especially for golfers on a budget. It breaks down to fit in your bag so it'll get the job done, with ease.

    MSRP $7995

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Build your Smart Golf Bag with PerfectView

  • Look Ma! No Tripod!

    The PerfectView device mount is a completely mobile and light-weight mounting solution that fits in your golf bag like a 15th club. It goes with you anywhere you go.

  • Designed For Golf

    The PerfectView comes in your choice of carbon fiber or aluminum with specially designed components to attach the monopod to your bag easily and get your device out of the way of your clubs.

  • Device Mounts by iStabilizer

    When you purchase a PerfectView package, we ship you everything you need, right in the box. That includes our patent-pending monopod system and iStabilizer device mounts for both your phone and your tablet.

  • Think Beyond The Range

    The PerfectView works great on the practice tee because we designed it for the golf course. That's where the action is. And that's where you'll discover that the PerfectView is...

The Best Device Mount In Golf

Your satisfaction is our only goal. PerfectView comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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We spent 3 years creating the golf technology mounting platform we call PerfectView. What started as an idea and spare parts in the garage is now the only professional grade photographic/data acquisition device mounting system purpose-built for use in the golfing environment. Combining style and convenience with rock solid performance, your device mounting system will work perfectly whether you're riding on a golf cart, hoofing it with a stand bag or spending the day at the range.

RangeView Flex

The RangeView Flex is very capable, looks great and is nearly bullet proof. It adjusts from 12 to 43 inches and will flex so you can adjust the center of gravity of your device to stand erect on most any surface, angled or flat. It includes the same adjustable ball head we supply with the PerfectView bag-mounted monopods*, and it breaks down to fit easily in your bag for total mobility. If you have an extra phone or tablet hanging around, get a pair of RangeViews (or add one as the perfect complement to your PerfectView monopod) to Do It Right with GolfCamHD's Dual Camera Multi-Angle video capture capability.

*The tabMount, Square jellyfish or smartMount are not included but are available as an option.


The M100 is a 38 inch non-telescoping counter-balanced carbon fiber monopod. At only 1.65 pounds it is stout enough to effortlessly handle most any tablet, phone or digital camera and so light you'll forget it's in your bag. Like the M150 Full Package, the M100 Full Package includes both the smartMount for phones and a tabMount for tablets.


If you're serious about golf then you understand us. We had a fantastic product at the M100, but we couldn't stop. The M150 has a 38 inch counter-balanced carbon fiber monopod base, like the carbon fiber M100, but with an added telescoping capability providing an additional 15 inches of height adjustment. If you're still undecided, at a mere 1.5 pounds, it's the one we use in our carry bags, as well as our full-sized staff bags. Your caddy, or your back, won't even notice it's there.

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  RangeView Flex M100 M150
Carbon Fiber
Use on Range AND Course
Telescoping Extension
iStabilizer smartMount
iStabilizer tabMount
Heavy Duty Vinyl-Covered Flex Arm
Professional Quality Ball Mount
GolfCamHD Software Included
Weight, lbs (w/out flexarm attached) 2.5 (1.13kg) 1.65 (.75kg) 1.5 (.7kg)
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Quality Components for Versatile Performance

GCHD Flexarm

Flex like Gumby, Strong like Hulk

The heavy duty vinyl-covered flex arm is all about functionality. This flex arm can hold any phone, tablet or camera and maintain total rigidity for a perfectly clear video of your golf swing. The only thing that moves the flex arm is you. Or earthquakes. Maybe.

Compatibile with all smartphones and tablets

Large and Small Devices Welcome

We conducted a comprehensive search to find the best device mounts to ensure your device is secure. We took such care in our search because we want your device to stay securely in the mount, not fall out like it will with lesser products.

Our standard mounts by iStabilizer, and optional mounts from Square Jellyfish, are simply the best out there. We trust our devices in them and you will too.

Giottos Professional Quality Photographic Ball Mount

Professional Quality Photographic Ball Mount

Combined with the flex arm it sits on, the super-adjustable ball mount gives you almost infinite control over the alignment of your camera device. This level of control extends past the normal up-down-left-right adjustments. You can also adjust your device orientation to portrait or landscape, quickly and easily.

Laser-Sintered bag adapter render

3D Printed Bag Adapter

Our patent pending bag adapter is the a crucial component for the stability of the camera. This is the component that secures the monopod to your bag.

After spending a great deal of time trying to find plastics that meet our standards, we decided to upgrade to the cutting edge technology of 3D Printing. This piece is 3D printed, Laser Sintered to be exact, on a printer that cost over half a million dollars.

GCHD Flexarm

Carbon Fiber Monopod

Lightness and stiffness is key. Carbon fiber with its legendary strength and light weight, enhances the performance and functionality of the M100 and M150 monopods. It saves nearly 25% of the weight over aluminum.

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Professional golfers and advanced amateurs consistently use video to improve their games.

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